Whole Hog Cooking Instructions

10 Easy Whole Hog Instructions!      Print Instructions Here


Call us immediately (see emergency #’s below) if you have any problems so we can walk you through the lighting process.

Step 1: Brush a thin layer of cooking oil (any kind of edible oil will work) all over the tray and then line the inside of the tray with tin foil for easier clean-up.

Step 2: Take the hog out of the plastic bag and set it inside the tray with the front shoulder at the tiger torch end – with legs facing downwards.

Step 3: Plug the drain hole at the end of the tray and set a container under the hole as well just in case it drips (plugs can consist of tin foil, rag, potato etc.).

Step 4: Add 2 inches of water on top of the tin foil in the tray with the hog.

Step 5: Light the tiger torch and set it into the hole at the bottom of the BBQ (DO NOT insert the tiger torch more than 10 inches or the flame will suffocate).

Step 6: Adjust the torch valve until the thermometer on the BBQ reaches your desired temperature.

Step 7: Set cooking times and temperatures according to chart provided below (time/temperature are set according to hog size).

Step 8: Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat (the front shoulder or the hind ham) and when your meat thermometer reads 180 Fahrenheit your hog is ready to eat!

Step 9: If the hog is finished cooking before your scheduled meal time, turn down the tiger torch until the BBQ temperature reads 150-200 Fahrenheit – to help reduce the temperature quicker, slightly prop up the lid of the BBQ with a stone or small piece of metal to let some of the heat escape – the hog will stay warm and perfectly moist until you are ready to start eating!

Step 10: When you are ready to serve the hog, the tray the hog sits in is removable, so you can place it on the table and carve it into a tray or right onto people’s plates.

RETURNING THE BBQ COOKER: Please return it with the tray cleaned and make sure the tiger torch is inside the BBQ. There is a $25 fee for returning the tray unwashed.

3 different methods to clean the tray:

  • Soak in hot water and then rinse it out with a garden hose
  • Wash it with a high-pressure washer
  • Scrape it with a metal scraper and then wash and rinse it


We maintain our Whole Hog Cookers regularly and hope that you will not have any trouble with them, however, should you experience any issues, following these simple steps should resolve them.

Tiger Torch

If you can only get a small flame or no flame out of the torch:

Step 1: try switching to a different propane tank if you have one available, it might be nearing empty or your hose could be plugged

Step 2: if that doesn’t work, then remove the head off the end of the torch and clean the orifice (see illustration here)

For questions or if you are having difficulty with the cooker, please call:

Office:  204-344-5675  Office – Cell: 431-997-2277 Danny – Cell: 204-791-7468
Please text if no answer.


Temperature & Times for Different Size Hogs: 

**one regular-size propane tank will usually be enough to cook your meat, but we
highly recommend that you have a second one available just in case **

40-60 LBS 250 – 300 F 6 – 7 HRS
70-80 LBS 250 – 300 F 6 – 8 HRS
90-100 LBS 250 – 300 F 8 – 9 HRS
110-140 LBS 300 – 340 F 9 – 11 HRS
150-170 LBS 300 – 350 F 11 – 13 HRS
180-190 LBS 350 F 13 – 15 HRS

Cooking Times and Temperatures vary per pig, check your hog after 4-6 hours by inserting a Meat Thermometer in the thickest part of the hog and internal temperature should read 180 Fahrenheitif Hog is ready before you are ready to serve, turn temperature to 150° to keep it warm.


Hog BBQ is to be returned no more than 3 business days after Pickup date unless other arrangements have been made with our office.

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