Impress Your Guests with a Do-It-Yourself Whole Hog BBQ!

Go Whole Hog …..  or Turkey  …..  or Beef

Pick up a whole marinated hog or the meat of your choice and one of Danny’s specially designed stainless steel barbeques. We have meat thermometers available for purchase if you need one.

In less than 5 minutes, Danny’s staff can teach you how to roast a whole hog! Call (204) 344-5675 now to book your hog.

Danny has over 90 custom made whole hog bbqs available for use and provides this service all over Manitoba.  Prepared potato salad or coleslaw are also available if pre-ordered year-round.

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Whole Hog BBQ Cooking Instructions

Download Whole Hog Cooking Information Sheet

 Download Other Meats Cooking Information Sheet

Common Questions about Whole Hog BBQ:

Our do-it- yourself whole hogs have been a staple in our business and are actually how we started! If you’re deciding to get a whole hog from us there are just a few things that we would like you to know.

  1. It’s very straightforward!  We provide you with detailed instructions when you pick up the BBQ and Hog.  You get the cooking times, how to start the BBQ, and even troubleshooting numbers to call if there are any issues.
  2. We ask that you pick up the BBQ the day before you plan on cooking it. This will allow you the flexibility to start cooking at the time you’d like.
  3. The BBQ does have small wheels but it does not have a hitch. We ask that you bring a truck or trailer for us to load the BBQ into.
    a. Small BBQ dimensions are: 66” length, 36” height, and 29” in width. There will need to be a few extra inches in order to ensure the BBQ will fit.
    b. Big BBQ dimensions: 80” length, 40” height, 32” in width.
  4. The BBQ is run on propane and does not have the capabilities to run with wood or coal. We ask that you provide the propane tanks for the BBQ, and that you have 2 on hand just in case.
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