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Note: Some menu items may not be available at all times.

    • Your Standard Meal

    • Your Standard Meal includes our original Pulled Pork, served with:

      • Danny’s Own BBQ Sauces

      • Dinner Rolls

      • Cutlery, Plates and Napkins

      • Your choice of 3 side dishes (see below)

      You may also choose to substitute the Pulled Pork with another meat, or even add a second meat! And, we have some premium extras, like meatballs or desserts, that you could choose as well. See below!

    • Meat Substitutions

      If you like you may substitute the Pulled Pork with the following:

    • Pulled Beef, Pulled Chicken or Pulled Turkey ($2.00 extra/person)

      Texas Smoked Brisket or BBQ Chicken Pieces ($3.00 extra/person)

      Or Whole Hog - served by us! ($100 extra)

    • Side Dishes

      Your Standard Meal comes with your choice of 3 of these side dishes (or upgrade to premium sides): • Potato Salad • Baked Potato w/Sour Cream & Bacon Bits • Coleslaw • Caesar Salad • Baked Beans • Mixed Vegetables

    • Choose 3 of the following:

      Potato Salad

      Baked Beans

      Baked Potato (with Bacon Bits and Sour Cream)

      Caesar Salad


      Mixed Veggies

      Or upgrade to a premium side:

      Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (extra $1.00/person)

      Mac & Cheese (extra $1.50/person)

      Perogies (extra $3.00/person)

      Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad (extra $2.00/person)

      Macaroni Salad (extra $1.00/person)

    • Menu Extras

      You may add on some of these delicious extras to your meal to make it really special!

    • Yes, you can have more than 3 side dishes! Please note, additional items are priced differently than the first 3 sides you choose.

      Soft Drinks ($1.00/person)

      Sweet & Sour Meatballs ($3.00/person)

      Meatballs in Gravy ($3.00/person)

      Mashed Potatoes with Gravy ($2.00/person)

      Mac & Cheese ($2.00/person)

      Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad ($3.00/person)

      Cheddar & Potato Perogies ($3.50/person)

      Pulled Pork Perogies ($4.00/person)

      Macaroni Salad ($2.00/person)


      Assorted Dainty Tray (including lemon tarts, raspberry tarts, donut holes, mini brownies and mini cupcakes) ($2.00/person)

      Deluxe Chocolate Cake ($2.00/person)

      Or add on a second meat choice:

      Pulled Beef ($3.00/person)

      BBQ Chicken Pieces ($3.50/person)

      Prime Rib ($10.00/person)

      Pulled Turkey ($3.00/person)

      Texas Smoked Brisket ($5.00/person)

      Pulled Chicken($3.00/person)

      Pork Ribs ($6.00/person)

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