Retail Products

You can enjoy Danny’s pulled meats any day of the week with our packaged frozen meats and gourmet barbeque sauces!

Ready to Eat – Just Heat and Serve!

Sold in 400g and  907g (2 lb boxes), just put the special boil bag in boiling water and serve.
Larger quantities are available by special order, see the Pick-Up Meal page for details.

**RESTAURANTS – You can serve Danny’s Pulled Pork, Beef or Turkey, too – get it from Sysco, or order it directly from our shop!

Specialty Seasonal Items & Gift Baskets

 Smoked Turkey, Smoked Chickens, Smoked Salmon and Meat Gift Baskets are available by order during the Christmas season.

Pulled Meats &/or BBQ Sauces available at Danny's Store or at the following fine retail locations:

SauceCarver's Knife, 29-1530 Regent AveMeat, SauceArborg Bakery
SauceDenny's Meat Market, 333 Wilton St. (off Grant Ave)SauceBake World, 276 Main St, Steinbach
SauceFood Fare, 839 Cavalier St.Meat, SauceBeausejour Coop, 605 Park Avenue, Beausejour
SauceFood Fare Portage, 2285 Portage Ave.SauceBig Block Auto, 207-4th St. E, Stonewall
SauceFromagerie Bothwell, 136 Provencher BlvdSauceBigway Teulon, 36 3 Ave. S., Teulon
SauceHarvest Bakery, 1857 Grant AveSauceBison Boutique Flower & Gift, 90 Hampton St, MacGregor
SauceMarcello's Meats, Unit 9-200 Meadowood DriveSauceBothwell Cheese Inc., 61 Main Street North, New Bothwell
SauceMiller's Meats, 590 St. Mary's Rd; 1867 Grant Ave;
2-2425 Pembina Hwy, 7-925 Headmaster Row
Meat, SauceCountry Meat Deli, 20-20 Brandt St, Steinbach
SauceMontagu Trading Company, St. Vital MallMeat, SauceDanny's Whole Hog, Hwy 67 east of Stonewall
Sausage, SauceNeumann's Market, 2659 Henderson HwySauceEmo Feed Services, 21 Canning Ln, Emo, ONTARIO
Red River Co-op Stores:SauceGrandma Carol's, Selkirk
Meat, Sauce   Grant Park - 1120 Grant AvenueMeat, SauceHomestead Co-op Carman, 61 Main St. N, Carman
Meat, Sauce   St. Vital - 850 DakotaMeat, SauceMain Bread & Butter, 253 Main St, Steinbach
Meat, Sauce    Southdale - 77 VermillionMeat, SauceOakbank Co-op, 20 Co-op Drive, Oakbank
Save On Foods Stores:Meat, SaucePanko Foods, 1630 Sasktachewan Ave, Portage la Prairie
Meat, Sauce    Bridgewater- 400 North Town RoadMeat, SaucePortage Supermarket, 402 E. Saskatchewan, Ave, Portage la Prairie
Meat, Sauce    Northgate- 1399 McPhillips StSaucePrairie Foods, Plum Coulee
Meat, Sauce    St. James- 850 St. James St.Sausage, SauceSmoke N' Fish, 405 Main St., Selkirk
SauceJardins St-Léon Gardens Market, 419 St. Mary's Rd (seasonal)SauceStonewall Family Foods, Stonewall
Meat, SauceStonewall Marketplace, 420 Main St, Stonewall
Meat, SauceWinkler Fruits & More Store, 299 1st St, Winkler
Grant Park – 1120 Grant Avenue Bridgewater – #410-400 North Town Road
St. Vital – 1621 St. Mary’s Road Northgate – 1399 McPhillips Street
Southdale – 77 Vermillion Road St James – 850 St James Street